The Blue Springs School District realizes that the early years of a child's life are critical for optimal development and establish the foundation for success in school and beyond. To assure the encouragement, information, and skills parents need as their child’s first and most influential teacher, the district makes available specialized supports through its Parents as Teachers (PAT) program. Participants benefit from powerful, results-proven resources and training relevant and widely applicable to today’s parents, families, and children, especially those in vulnerable circumstances. District Parent Educators provide practical, effective, free-of-charge assistance; conduct periodic screenings for the early detection of developmental delays and health issues; host fun and engaging family activities; and facilitate parent and group meetings. Ultimately, the PAT program partners with families, day care providers, outreach agencies, and community organizations to help parents understand the important role they play regarding childhood growth and development, school readiness, and educational involvement. If interested in visiting with a district Parent Educator, please contact the PAT office at 874-3680.


  • Parents as Teachers
    (816) 874-3680